How To Apply Mineral Powder Foundation

Honey Butter Popcorn 10 grams - Mineral Foundation PowderMineral powder foundation is a wonderful alternative to liquid foundations which some people find very heavy and thick. If you are interested to wear mineral powder foundation, here is an easy guide to help you apply these loose mineral pigments on your face and achieve natural looking results.Japanese Camellia Kissi Oil

Step 1: Apply a moisturiser on your face like Anita Grant’s Japanese Camellia Kissi Oil which feels very lightweight on the skin. Allow the moisturiser to be absorbed by the skin for 5 to 10 minutes before applying mineral powder foundation.

Step 2: The Hello Beautiful Mineral Powder Foundation by Anita Grant offers an extensive selection of mineral makeup shades to suit a wide range of skin tones. Take a small amount of this mineral powder foundation into its jar lid, dip your brush into the powder and tap excess product before applying on your face. Use a soft brush like the Baby Bamboo Buki Brush by Anita Grant to get an airbrushed makeup finish.

Bamboo Baby Buki Mini Foundation BrushStep 3: Apply the first layer of mineral powder foundation by buffing at the center of the face and working outward in downward movements. Buffing mineral powder foundation on the skin as opposed to dusting makes the mineral pigments adhere to the skin better so that it will last longer. If you need more coverage, you can apply a second layer or even a third layer. Being lightweight, the Hello Beautiful Mineral Powder Foundation will not look cakey or powdery even when applied with several layers.

Mineral Powder Foundation Application Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: To see if a particular mineral powder foundation shade suits you, buff the product lightly along your jawline and wait at least 20 minutes for the color to develop along with the skin’s natural oils. Anita Grant’s Hello Beautiful Mineral Powder Foundation offers 29 shades to choose from so it won’t be difficult to find a shade that will match perfectly with your natural skin tone.

Tip 2: Create your own tinted moisturiser by combining a small amount of Hello Beautiful Mineral Powder Foundation with Anita Grant’s Virgin Mango Butter Coconut Whip face butter.

Jasmine Floral WaterTip 3: Spritz on Anita Grant’s Jasmine Floral Water to your face right after applying your mineral powder foundation so that your makeup will not budge throughout the day. In addition, this essential floral water will also provide your skin a dewy and glowing makeup finish.

Tip 4: Lightly buff areas on the face where you want to eliminate excess minerals with a brush sprayed with Anita Grant’s Jasmine Floral Water. You can also use a soft tissue to blot the extra pigments out.

Tip 5: You can use a mineral powder foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone to be used as a concealer for blemishes and scars or as an under eye highlighter.

Tip 6: The rule of the thumb is to apply mineral powder foundation in thin layers. It is always easier to slowly build up to foundation until your preferred coverage is achieved compared to applying a single heavy layer and try to remove excess minerals.

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